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Homeowner Maintenance

Some items around your new home will require regular maintenance and are non warrantable. Other items fall within the warranty of your home and must meet certain industry guidelines. These guidelines provide a basis to gauge whether or not a specific item is performing to industry guidelines.

Click to view the Performance Standards applicable to Summit Homes of Washington’s Limited Warranty.

The following is a partial list of items covered in the performance standards for every home Summit Homes builds:

  • Site work
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Thermal & Moisture Protection
  • Doors & Windows
  • Finishes
  • Cabinets & Countertops
  • Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical

Other items around your home require care and regular maintenance to ensure they’re functioning properly. The following are some of the most common Service Request Items NOT covered under your warranty:

Grading and Drainage

Summit Homes has graded your property so that water drains and flows away from your home. If you change the grade and swale of your property allowing water to settle around the foundation of your home, the grading and drainage is no longer warrantable and could impact the warranty of your foundation as well.


Trees, plants, shrubs and sod are warranted for the first year provided there is proper irrigation. Drought stricken plants will not be warranted (only in single family communities).


Small cracks and surface variations are inevitable, even though expansion joints are installed to relieve internal stress. Normal cracks do not compromise the concrete function. Hairline cracks are normal and will occur and are within industry standards. Cracks in the concrete that are in excess of 1/4 “ will be warrantable.


Summit Homes has caulked all of your tubs, sinks, toilets and backsplashes. After time the caulking will begin to shrink and will need to be maintained. This is considered homeowner maintenance and it is non warrantable.


A Manufacturer’s Representative has installed all of your appliances. In the event that you should need repairs to your appliances you need to contact the manufacturers representative for that appliance and is not warrantable through Summit Homes communities.


Minor Drywall cracks will occur throughout time in your home and are considered homeowner maintenance. Summit Homes provides a paint touch-up kit for your home for this reason. Should any nail pops break through the surface or drywall cracks appear that are in excess of 1/8” within the first, these items will be warrantable.

Maintenance and Care

You should be prepared to begin maintaining your home immediately upon occupancy. Your orientation is intended to give you professional insight on what to look for as a new homeowner. These orientations require your full attention.

Helpful Hints

  • Change batteries in smoke detectors at Daylight Savings and Standard time.
  • Change furnace filter every three months.
  • Disconnect hose from hose bib in freezing weather.
  • Empty Ice Maker completely two times after move in to get rid of debris in line.
  • Run one full gallon of water through the fridge water dispenser.
  • Clean aerators in faucets to remove new construction debris.
  • Keep allen wrench for garbage disposal under sink for quick and easy access.
  • Clean gutters in the fall to prevent from clogging.
  • We recommend that you use gel dishwasher detergent rather than powder.